How a BIG MOVE Changed My Life. And Could Change Yours Too.

I’m not sure what exactly changed inside of me. Can relocation really change someone so much? I’m starting to think the answer to that is, “Yes!” I always thought of myself as outdoorsy… though looking back I was more athletic than outdoorsy. I played organized sports, I didn’t mind a good sweat, I’d go boating on lakes and surfing in the ocean, but I rarely experienced nature in all its glory.

One thing I know is that Florida is really freaking hot and humid — and ask my friends, I am an abnormally sweaty gal. It can also be quite buggy at times and the land kind of looks the same everywhere you go… except the beaches which of course are beautiful. But you see, I’ve never been a big beach person. I love a good beach vacation and can enjoy the beauty of the ocean — but it’s never quite done it for me the way mountains and forests and greenery do.

Dani Buckley Olympic Mountains Hurricane Ridge

Hiking the Olympic Mountains

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Sometimes You Have to Stop Planning. And Start Living.

I’ve had a crazy year and it’s involved a lot of changes and new adventures, some really fun stuff and some really scary stuff. It’s been up and down – mostly up. It’s provided me with the chance to think about what I really want in life and what my goals are. These changes have had a huge impact on my love affair with life and how I want to spend my time. They’ve also reminded me how lucky I am to have the support, unconditional love, and companionship of my amazing husband.

A couple things I’ve learned:

I’ll never stop planning or trying to figuring it out.

I’ve accepted the fact that I’m a personal growth junkie.

However, after a burst of inspiration and motivation following the World Domination Summit in Portland I felt really burned out and unsure of where I wanted to go with my blog, my personal brand, and all these amazing ideas I had swirling around in my head. I have some big dreams — like some really big ass dreams — and I know that one day I’ll achieve some of them, in their own way, but right now I’m in a really good place…

And I just now figured that out.

Life is pretty damn awesome. I have a job that I absolutely love because I’m challenged everyday and get the freedom that is so important to me.

My husband is amazing in every way and I love the city of Seattle as my new home. I have friends and family that love and support me — even though I miss them a lot. I’m happy, healthy, fulfilled, passionate, and pretty much the most content I’ve ever been in my life.

This is a first for me.

But I’ve decided to embrace it. To allow myself to enjoy this moment of goodness, this moment of contentment that my personality rarely lets me enjoy.

My whole life I’ve spent striving for the next gold star, the next step up the ladder, the next moment of achievement. I’ve always wanted to be better, faster, smarter, and planning my next attack on life. Yes, I’m a passionate, driven gal who sometimes doesn’t know when to “turn it off.”

Well, the last few weeks I’ve been able to turn it off for once. I’ve stopped planning what I should be doing and obsessing over extra curricular classes I should be taking. I’ve stopped obsessing at the stack of books I still need to crack open and I’ve allowed myself to focus on the two things that are making me most happy and fulfilled right now… my current job and my free time exploring this beautiful region with my husband.

For now… today at least… that is enough. I am enough. 


When is enough for you? When do you know it’s time to just be in the now and stop obsessing over the future? 

Connection Challenge Contestant #1. And How to Do the Tree Pose.

Connection Challenge World Domination SummitA few weeks back I was inspired to start this Connection Challenge thing (sorry it’s been so long since the last post – lots and lots of travel!) I was feeling part silly about the whole thing (oh, hey self-doubt – there you are) and part excited as hell to step outside my comfort zone.

That weekend my husband and I attended a free yoga in the park session in my neighborhood… kudos to him by the way for trying yoga for the first time! While there, I was struggling with my downward dog and upside down monkey pose (that’s a pose, right?) and while of course, I should be focusing on myself and my breathing, I couldn’t help but notice the guy right next to me… calmly moving into each pose with such grace. He was confident, knew each pose by name never having to look up to mimic the instructor. We were all in the back so it was hard to see the instructor anyway so I started to rely on this guy, watching him so I knew where to put what. Right foot on yellow?

Half way through I thought to myself, “This is it. He’s the one.” This was the exact scenario where I would stand next to someone for nearly an hour and not say a single word to them because that’s just how life is sometimes – we get stuck in our bubbles. Despite him practically leading me through the entire session (unbeknownst to him), I would have just turned to my husband when I was done and talked about how awesome it felt to do yoga outside in the sun and where we were going to eat lunch.

But not that day… oh no. Little did he know he was Contestant #1. Step right up…

I paused for a moment while we were all gathering our belongings then I just blurted out, “How long have you been practicing yoga?” He slightly hesitated, then answered, and we went on to have  a nice 10-minute conversation. I had the opportunity to learn his name (Shawn with a ‘w’) and the fact that he’d been practicing for nearly 5 years. His favorite pose is the tree pose and I asked if he would do it for me so I could take a picture. He didn’t even hesitate, and I almost felt like he was as excited to show it off as I was to see it.

Yoga Tree Pose Connection Challenge

I took a few photos, we said goodbye, and headed off on our separate ways… probably to never meet again.

The lesson I learned that day?

To just be in this world and allow yourself to connect with others. Even simple conversations or moments of vulnerability can lighten up your day and remind you that you’re not alone — not at all. It was a particularly beautiful Saturday and this only added to the loveliness of the day. Here’s Shawn in all his tree pose glory… thanks Shawn for sharing a part of your day with me!

Live an Amazing Life. And Gratitude.

Oh, don’t we all just want to do amazing things?

On a recent post I briefly mentioned Clare Bowditch who performed a song at the World Domination Summit (seriously, go check her out and download every song she’s ever written – she’s awesome). Her words and beautiful voice hit me like a ton of bricks. I had tears streaming down my cheeks and goosebumps all over my body within seconds. The lyrics were simple, honest, and it felt like they were written for me.

This post is to thank Clare, and all the artists/writers/musicians out there who share their art and words with the world. It might be easy to forget you’re making a difference but you are. So, thank you Clare for reminding me to just “start with something.”

I promise, I will.

Dani Buckley

100 Subscribers! Thank you.

Dani O Buckley Thank You

Yesterday I got my 100th subscriber to this blog and I just want to take this moment to say THANK YOU. It might be a small milestone to some but it’s a big one to me. Thank you for your support, for sharing my posts if you feel so inclined, for tuning in and reading what I have to share with the world, and for helping me feel like I might have something to say that people give a damn about. Whether you know me personally or if I’ve never met you at all, THANK YOU.

Sometimes when you have a blog it’s easy to feel like you are writing into a void, and that no one really reads or cares about what you’re pouring your heart into. And while some of you may subscribe but not always pop over — it still means a lot to me that something on here clicked with you. That something was relatable or that there was a nugget of inspiration that made you feel like it was worth connecting.

If you aren’t already subscribing… then what the hell?!? 

Just kidding. But really, if you want to subscribe and get notified whenever I have a new blog post up, then just sign up in the sidebar. I’d love to have you!

What’s next? 

I want to take this opportunity to let you all know that I’ve gotten a lot of clarity in the past few months on my purpose and vision for this space. I’m really excited to transform it into what I know it’s meant to be — but I’m also being patient with myself because of course, I want to do it all myself. And that finishing the web design course I’ve been taking so I know how to code, as well as developing my graphic design skills. I’m okay with that and it’s all part of the journey. Most importantly… I’ll keep on writing. I can promise you that.

Until next time…

Dani Buckley