100 Subscribers! Thank you.

Dani O Buckley Thank You

Yesterday I got my 100th subscriber to this blog and I just want to take this moment to say THANK YOU. It might be a small milestone to some but it’s a big one to me. Thank you for your support, for sharing my posts if you feel so inclined, for tuning in and reading what I have to share with the world, and for helping me feel like I might have something to say that people give a damn about. Whether you know me personally or if I’ve never met you at all, THANK YOU.

Sometimes when you have a blog it’s easy to feel like you are writing into a void, and that no one really reads or cares about what you’re pouring your heart into. And while some of you may subscribe but not always pop over — it still means a lot to me that something on here clicked with you. That something was relatable or that there was a nugget of inspiration that made you feel like it was worth connecting.

If you aren’t already subscribing… then what the hell?!? 

Just kidding. But really, if you want to subscribe and get notified whenever I have a new blog post up, then just sign up in the sidebar. I’d love to have you!

What’s next? 

I want to take this opportunity to let you all know that I’ve gotten a lot of clarity in the past few months on my purpose and vision for this space. I’m really excited to transform it into what I know it’s meant to be — but I’m also being patient with myself because of course, I want to do it all myself. And that finishing the web design course I’ve been taking so I know how to code, as well as developing my graphic design skills. I’m okay with that and it’s all part of the journey. Most importantly… I’ll keep on writing. I can promise you that.

Until next time…

Dani Buckley

6 thoughts on “100 Subscribers! Thank you.

    • Thanks so much. Subscribers mean a lot to me and I definitely take it as a compliment when anyone does subscribe!

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